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SHANDONG LONGXING PLASTIC FILM TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION LIMITED is the whollyowned subsidiary which belongs to Shouguang Jianyuanchun group and was registered capital of 60000000 yuan. Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co. Ltd. was founded in 1951, the headquarters is located in Chengming Industrial Park Shandong Province,which is professional in producing container bag, plastic woven bag, color printing bag, film bag, paper plastic composite packaging materials, industrial use various types of packaging film, food advanced packaging film, agricultural film, high grade polypropylene powder and modified plastic and so on .large plastic, etc and chemical

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Office add:No.108 Gongyuan west street ,Shouguang city , Shandong province ,China
Production site: Xin hua West Road,Hou Town project area,Shouguang city,Shandong province. China.
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Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co.,Ltd. Add:108 Gongyuan Xijie Road, Shouguang, Shandong.
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