Products Series
 1、Electric Equipment
Electric Equipment: various high and low-pressure electrical transformer, electrical wire and cable, switchgear and the cabinet(case), and cable tray, generatrix slot and electrical equipment etc.
 2、Equipment For manufacturing electrical transformer
 Equipment for manufacturing electrical transformer: iron –core X-shear, the sheeted radiator production line, core winding production line and winding machine etc.
 3、IC parts
IC parts(includes the relevant IC for electric equipment), general IC parts and the electronic equipment.
We offer the advanced iron core X-shear for electric transformer, the winding machine, the sheeted radiator production line which manufactured by MTM, Canada.
With more than 40-year history, MTM makes specially the electric transfer making machine, X-shear for X-shape transformer, the sheeted radiator production line, the winding machine and the winding iron core production line etc.,
high quality products, practical and easy operation, multi-language program, flexible installation, sincere service!
through comparing, your decision is easily making!
The technology is the first productivity! The advanced technology accelerates the productivity develop greatly!
leading the technology in the world, the branded product for famous transformer manufacturers in the world.
Our commission:
offer high quality equipment for users,
offer favorite price for the users,
Offer worldwide service for the users.

鐵芯橫剪線 鐵芯橫剪線
鐵芯橫剪線 鐵芯橫剪線
卷鐵芯 繞線設備
繞線設備 散熱器生產線
電力變壓器 電力變壓器
片式散熱器生產線 高速鐵芯剪切機(100片/分)
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